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Hello my dear friends today we talk about the most entertaining and popular app which name is the 61 lottery game app. In this app, you will get to play many games, in which the most played game is a lottery. In the 61 Lottery game, you can win by predicting the colour. In this game, you have to bet according to your number betting and colour prediction, if your bet is correct then you will win the 61 lottery game.

If your bet and colour prediction is wrong then you will lose the game. And the next bet will be continued in the same way every time you can enjoy the 61 lottery game according to your prediction and good luck. You get many features in the .61 Lottery Game App, in which you can earn a lot by predicting the colour of your games.

61 Lottery

To enjoy all this, first of all, you have to download 61 lottery app on your Android device. Whose link will be provided to you?

So below we are going to give you complete information about how we play 61 lottery game and how we can describe it.

So come on with me and follow the simple steps to play it.

How To Play 61 Lottery Game:

First of all, you have to download 61 Lottery App from its official website

Whose link is given to you below, click on the below link then download the 61 lottery game app.

Now open the 61 lottery game app on your Android mobile.

Step 1: At the bottom, there is a lottery button with the home button, click on it.

Step 2: Now this type of page will open in front of you.

61 Lottery App

Step 3: Now you select your game time frame which is 1min, 5min and 10min in the lottery game.

Step 4: Click on Enter the game.

Step 5: Now you will have a page like this.

61 Lottery game

Step 6: Now you have to bet on any one of the green, violet and red colours by selecting its number according to it.

Step 7: The game result will come after the time frame that you have selected.

Step 8: After the result, if your prediction is correct then you will win the app and the won money will be credited to your 61 lottery game wallet.

Similarly, you can try to predict the colour again and again.

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In 61 Lottery App, I have told you in full detail how you have to start playing 61 Lottery Game. And how can you predict the colour by placing a bet on the number? Still, if you want to ask anything else you can ask me any time in the comment box below.

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