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Enter the gift code in the BDG Win app and get awesome gift prizes from this apk. Along with fast and safe withdrawal, you will get to play 36 online casino games in this app. Let us tell you that we have been operating the BDG win app for the last five years. Which has approximately 15 million plus Indian users. In today’s article, we will tell you about all the activities and withdrawal facilities of the BDG win app.


Activities In BDG Win App:

There are many activities available in the BDG Win App for your entertainment and your good earnings.

1: Member First Deposit Bonus.

2: Super Jackpot Get Big Bonus.  

3: VIP Upgrade Bonus.  

4: Unlimited Daily Cash Rebate.

BDG Win Login Bonus

You can complete the daily mission by participating in all these activities. You are going to get big bonus rewards if you complete all the missions in the given limited period.

Withdraw Facility In The BDG Win App:

Withdrawing Your Winning Amount Is Very Easy In This App.

1: Open this apk on your smart device and go to the withdrawal section.  

2: Here first of all you will be shown your available balance.  

BDG Win App

3: Then we will show you the bank account linked by you.  

4: Select a bank account first to withdraw your amount.  

5: Enter the amount you want to withdraw.

6: If you want to withdraw the entire amount then just click on the All button.  

7: Last click on the withdraw button.  

Within 24 hours, your deducted amount will be transferred to your linked bank account.  

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In today’s article on the BDG Win app, we have told you about all the earning activities and how to withdraw your winning amount.

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