KWG Game App Download | Earn Up To ₹400 In APK

You are heartily welcome to the KWG Game with a high rebate bonus. Today we will give you information about all the earning points available in this newly launched color prediction gaming app. Apart from this, we are going to tell you the hacking trick of a colour trading game. Due to this the accuracy of your winning rates is going to increase up to 90%.

All Earning Points Available In The KWG Game App:

1: First Login Bonus.

2: Daily Check In.

3: Highly Rebate Cash Bonus.

4: Youtube Video Content.  

5: Color Trading Winning Streak Bonus.

6: Weekly And Monthly Mission Rewards.

By participating in all these earning points you are going to get unlimited earnings. By regularly checking in on KWG Game you will earn up to Rs.10k per week in this app. Along with this, you are going to get a first login bonus of Rs 251 in this apk. You can win daily rewards by completing all the missions of every week and month.

Hacking Tricks Of Color Trading Game Available In The KWG Game App:

We are going to tell you a hacking trick to increase the winnings of your colour trading game. These daily tricks and tips are provided to you in their telegram channel. In which any kind of colour trade like between colours or between numbers highs your winning rates.

\In which you get some tips for big and small trades. What you have to do is you will have to place at least one bet by continuing the same bet three times. In which your bet amount should be double the previous one at that time.  

This is going to increase the accuracy of your winning rates by 89℅. Try this trick and win more with colour prediction games.

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In the newly launched KWG Game, you have been given all the information about simple hacking tricks of the Win Go Game along with earning points.

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