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In the Tiranga Games app, each account can only receive rewards once. Deposit 100k for the first time in your account and you can receive a 10k bonus reward in your apk wallet. The new exciting game is popular all over India. Aviator are now in tiranga games apk. In today’s article, we are going to tell you about Tiranga Games APK’s weekly reward bonus and no charges to register an account in Tiranga Games apk. 

Tiranga Games

Weekly Rewards In Tiranga Games App:

You are going to get many daily, monthly and weekly rewards in the Tiranga games app. In which we will tell you about the weekly rewards. How do you claim your winning reward after completing tasks every week?

Tiranga games bonuses

In the Tiranga games app, you will be given a task every week which you will have to claim after completing it every week. One thing to keep in mind is that the rewards you have won cannot accumulate until the next week. By completing all these easy tasks in this way you can always keep your wallet green.

No Charges To Make An Account In Tiranga Games App:

You must know that there are many such apps in which you have to pay fees upon registering. After that, you can log into that app. But in the Tiranga games app, no ​​extra fees are charged to you for registering. You can register in this app for free at any time using the recommended code given by us.

Tiranga games App

And after registering, this app gives you a welcome bonus of Rs 501 from its side. Download this incredible app now which will increase your earning by participating in all kinds of new events and start your earning. 

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In today’s article on the Tiranga games apk, we have provided you information about the weekly rewards of this apk and the plus points of this apk.

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